Pipeline valves are widely used in all kinds of technological systems.  The SILENA supplies valves from different materials and in different variations.

Valves are devices installed on pipelines or vessels and designed to open or close when certain conditions occur (increase in pressure in the vessel, change in the direction of flow of the fluid in the pipeline). Devices have a large number of design varieties. They can be single-seated and double-seated, the last are usually used only as distribution and control.

For the production of valves, materials that meet the necessary requirements, types of pipes and working compositions and environments are used. The structure can be attached to the pipeline by means of threaded, flanged or welded connections. The control valve arrangement includes:  body, bonnet, seat, plug and stem with handwheel.

You can order from us:

– shut-off valve;
– control valve;
– unidirectional valve;
– safety valve.

We offer only high-quality products, delivery to all regions of the Russian Federation.

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