Parts of the pipeline are designed for smooth connection of pipes for various purposes, depending on their elongation or change of direction. We offer ordering products in the company “SILENA”, St. Petersburg.

Such parts are primarily installed in the places of pipe bends, their branching or transition from a pipe of one diameter to another. They make the structure airtight and reliable, ensuring long service life.

Our company supplies the following pipeline parts:
  • Flanges (flat, collar, welded ring);
  • Plugs (flanged, elliptical);
  • Caps bottoms;
  • Supports (circular, angular, vertical);
  • Angles with threaded flanges;
  • Elbows (steeply curved, bent);
  • Reducer (concentric, eccentric);
  • Tees (straight, straight).

We manufacture and supply products in accordance with GOST, OST and customer’s drawings.

Manufacture of stainless steel piping parts

The production of stainless steel pipeline parts is divided into types such as welded and stamped (seamless parts). All types of product manufacturing can be ordered from our company.

The parts are made of corrosion-resistant heat-resistant steel. We only use the services of trusted suppliers. In addition, during the purchase, the material is repeatedly checked for compliance with the quality of regulatory documents. The production uses modern equipment.

We offer to order products from us for the following reasons:
  • the raw materials purchased for production are thoroughly checked and additional tests;
  • control of products is carried out at all stages of production;
  • we manufacture welded parts according to GOST and customer’s drawings;
  • we provide a flexible system of discounts.
  • we deliver goods to any region of Russia.

First of all, we approach each client individually. Our technicians will give you a free consultation on the selection of the necessary parts. In addition, there is always a large stock of products in the warehouse. Our fasteners factory will help to make the necessary fasteners to our customers.

If you need to buy pipeline parts in St. Petersburg, please contact us. Leave a request on the website of the company “SILENA”, using the “call back” button, or call: +7 (812) 313-79-94.