In the energy, gas and oil industries, construction and a number of other industries, stainless pipes are needed. We offer to order them in the SILENA, St. Petersburg.

For each case, products of certain parameters and performance characteristics are required. These indicators are determined by the range of pipes. Each pipe has its own range. They are systematized and combined into GOSTs. Steel pipes are divided into seam and seamless. By the type of section, steel pipes are: round, square, rectangular and polygonal. By the specifics of production, they are divided into the following types: cold-rolled, hot-rolled, cold-drawn, profile, welded and galvanized.

Buy stainless steel pipes in St. Petersburg

We offer to buy stainless steel pipes in St. Petersburg by ordering them from our company.

Zinc coated steel pipes are the most reliable, but the price is appropriate. Due to the zinc coating, they are resistant to corrosion and withstand high temperature fluctuations. Durable structures which will be resistant to pressure and temperature drops are mounted from them. These pipes are required for operation in difficult climatic conditions. We make products of various lengths from carbon, low-alloy stainless steel.

We offer following pipes:
  • seamless industrial for transportation of water, steam, air and gas under high pressure;
  • large diameter single-seam with a straight seam;
  • large diameter single-seam thick-walled (up to 48mm) with a straight seam;
  • large diameter double-seam with a straight seam;
  • welded round;
  • welded profile.

We will make any range of pipes. You can order not only any length, but also different diameters of products, different wall thicknesses from us. We supply wholesale and retail quantities at the best price. Long term cooperation is appreciated.  There is a flexible system of discounts for regular customers and wholesale orders.

If you need to buy stainless steel pipes in St. Petersburg, please contact us. Leave a request on the SILENA website using the “call back” button, or call: +7 (812) 313-79-94.