Check valve

Check valve is a valve installed on the pipeline to prevent the movement of the liquid or gas flow in the opposite direction, when the pump is turned off, pipe breakage or leakage. Check valves are widely used in the installation of various pipelines, for example, in public utilities

Technical specifications

Valve type Pn (MPa) Dn (mm) Designation Climatic performance Workspace Connection type Technical conditions
Swing check valves 1,6…4,0 50…200 19с76нж (КОП-16) 19лс76нж (КОП-16ХЛ)19с76нж (КОП-25) 19лс76нж (КОП-25ХЛ)19с53нж (КОП-40) 19лс53нж (КОП-40ХЛ) MODERATE / COLD liquid / gas flanged 3741-001-57248197-2002

The company “SILENA” works with valve factories: Armagus, Cheboksary valve plant, Chelninsky valve plant, Kotelnikovsky valve plant, Gadzhiev Plant, Satellite and others..

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