Fasteners are special parts for connecting a structure. We offer to order them in the SILENA, St. Petersburg.


Studs and nuts for pipe flange connections are produced. For studs, the metal is resawed into parts of a certain length. As a result, special billets are obtained from these parts by cutting, onto which the thread is cut or rolled. The process ends with the branding of the products. For the production of billets for nuts, a drawing and sizing method is used. The presses are used for upsetting billets to give them a hexagonal shape and punching holes. After that, the thread is cut or rolled, and the products are branded.

Production of metal fasteners in St. Petersburg

Production of metal fasteners in St. Petersburg is performed using modern equipment. You can order studs and nuts of various sizes in any quantity from us, in small and large wholesale. The customer does not have to wait long. There is always a large stock of finished products in the warehouse.

First of all, the quality of producing products is controlled at all stages of production. At the stage of production of billets, their length and the absence of deformation are checked. After thread cutting and rolling, the outer, inner and average thread diameters, pitch and profile angle are measured. During the final inspection, the products are visually inspected for defects and the presence of a stamp, the geometric dimensions and quality of the thread are checked with gauges.

We offer to order fasteners from us for the following reasons:
  • raw materials for billets went through thorough inspection and additional tests;
  • control is carried out at all stages of production;
  • there are various sets of fasteners;
  • we deliver our products to any region of Russia.

We welcome long-term cooperation. There is a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. We approach each order equally responsibly, regardless of its size. The pipeline valves supplied by us from the manufacturers have proven themselves to be excellent. The company employs highly qualified technical specialists who are ready to help at any time. Contact us by phone or through the “call back” button, and you will always receive a free competent consultation.

If you need to buy fasteners in St. Petersburg, please contact us. Leave a request on the SILENA website or call: +7 (812) 313-79-94.