Studs for pipe flange connections are threaded metal rods. We offer to order them in the SILENA, St. Petersburg.

Such fasteners are used in lengthening of structures, pipe connections, ventilation systems, etc. It is widely used in construction and manufacturing.

We offer:

  • various types of products according to GOST (type ..) and OST (type ..) in two versions;
  • only certified products;
  • fasteners for pipe flange connections made of carbon, structural, alloy, stainless and heat-resistant steels;
  • products with different strength classes.

Our company supplies one-sided and two-sided products made in accordance with GOST for steam and gas turbines, boilers, tanks with a working fluid temperature up to 650 °C. ASME studs are available from us.

We offer to buy cheap studs for pipe flange connections from us. Leave a request on the SILENA website or call: +7 (812) 313-79-94.