SILENA supplies Angle branches with threaded flanges for high pressure for pipelines. 

Angle branches with threaded flanges are installed on the pipeline with a lens seal. High pressure pipeline parts include:

Pn above. 10 – 100 МПа (above.100 – 1000 кгс/см2)
Dn from 6 – 200 mm, at ambient temperatures from -50 before +510 degrees.


Angle branches – connecting parts, used to change the direction of the pipeline at a certain angle. Stainless steel angle

These pipeline parts are mainly produced in the form of a 90° turn. This angle is the most common for this part. Combining one or more steel angle branches, you can make any rotation angle of the pipeline. They are made from pipe cuttings of various steels and the corresponding diameter. In accordance with which pipe directly served for the preparation of this product, the steel angle branches are seam and seamless.

Corrosion-resistant angle branch in accordance with GOST  22799 is intended mainly for installation in pipelines of the petrochemical industry for pumping working fluid with t -50°С … +510°С, pressure 10 … 100 MPa.

Therefore, according to the requirements of GOST 22799, the structural material for the parts is taken depending on the nominal pressure of the working fluid and the version. Our company offers stainless steel angle branches with threaded flanges in accordance with GOST from various grades of steel.

SILENA supplies wholesale and retail quantities of stainless steel angle branches at the best price.

In our company, you can also order flanges in accordance with GOST 33259.

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